Vanishing Filipino Americans: The Bridge Generation

Jamero’s Second Book Documents the History and Contributions of the Bridge Generation


The population of Filipinos in the United States today is estimated to exceed two million, second only to Chinese among Asian Americans.  However, the documentation of Filipino history in America is largely limited to the experiences of the pioneer Manong Generation that immigrated to the United States during the early 1900s.

The Manong Generation’s second generation children – the Bridge Generation – are now in their 60s, 70s, and 80s.  Despite going through similar experiences and hardships as their parents, the literature contains virtually nothing of the Bridge Generation’s life in America.

Vanishing Filipino Americans: the Bridge Generation takes you through their growing up years, their maturation as participants in Filipino youth clubs that seemingly were in every West Coast community, their development of a unique subculture; their civic participation; and their triumphs and struggles in assimilating into America’s workforce. 

Theirs is a story that is yet to be told.  With the writing of Vanishing Filipino Americans: the Bridge Generation, Jamerohopes to begin the process of documenting the experiences and contributions of these second generation Filipino Americans – thus addressing a significant void in the history of Filipinos in America.

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2011 Jamero, Peter: Vanishing Filipino Americans: the Bridge Generation, University Press of America, Lanham MD

June 2011. 122 pp

Library of Congress Control #:  2011923174

ISBN:  978-0-7618-5500-2 (paperback:alk. paper)

eISBN:  978-0-7618-5501-9


“Your book will finally allow our unique stories to be told and shared.”

    - Dorothy Cordova, Executive Director, Filipino American National Historical Society

“Peter Jamero’s Vanishing Filipino Americans: The Bridge Generation is a scholarly  but accessible book detailing the often hardscrabble lives of those children – born before World War II – of the famed ‘manong generation.’ “

     - Peter Bacho, author of Cebu and Dark Blue Suit

“It is a wonderful resource for so many audiences—individuals interested in personal history, scholars in American Studies, historians, social scientists, policy analysts, and Filipino Americans themselves.”

    -  Juanita Tamayo Lott, author of Asian Americans: From Racial Category to  Multiple Identities  and Common Destiny: Filipino American Generations

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