Reviews for “Growing Up Brown: Memoirs of a Filipino-American”

“…describes in unflinching detail struggles against racism and poverty, and how
he emerged from such difficulties to become a noted government official, a professor
and a community activist.”       Filipinas Magazine

“ important read for anyone who has struggled to advance their own   culture.”        Journal of the West

“.. a fine new memoir that complements Bulosan’s classic.”  Seattle Post-Intelligencer

 “(One of) 100 Top Books by 100 UW Authors.”     Columns Magazine

“…highly recommend this book to all Filipino Americans.”  Balita USA

“Growing Up Brown is intense, honest and meaningful.”    Rick Bonus, University of Washington

“…should be of interest to scholars in. U.S. racial, ethnic, and immigration studies…”       Benjamin C. Zulueta, University of California, Santa Barbara

“A very good read and hard to put down…heart-warming and heart-wrenching at the same time.”     Mel Orpilla, Vallejo CA

“…evoked  fond  memories of passion, focus, commitment, anger, joy, disappointment, victories.”    Roy Flores, Seattle WA

“Well done! I’ll give the books to my kids…I know they will enjoy it.”  Aurelia Omania Kearns, Austin TX

“ getting wide currency here in the Reno area.”    Milt Manoukian, Reno, NV

“…proves that our differences are fewer than our similarities; individually, tribally, and  racially.”  Les James, Olympia WA

“It’s great, the stories he tells.  He worked all the way up, made it all the way to Washington.”   Joe Lema, Merced CA

“This really needed to be done…thanks from all of us cuz it is our story too.”   Bob Santos, Seattle WA

“… all related to your story as if it was their own…good job!”   Lydia Antiporda Galian, San Diego CA

“By reading it, I am inspired to get more involved and try to preserve our rich culture.”    Danny Pasquil, Pomona CA

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